Service Commitment

Zibo Yinxuan works for Customer's satisfaction and saving purchase cost for customers. Customers' trust stands the highest honor in our staff's mind. In order to continuously offer the best quality and service, we make commitment as following:

Quality Commitment
●  All production conforms to ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System. It proceeds as raw material analysis, process supervising, final product inspection, perfect package assurance and close delivery tracking. We will keep in-time communication with customers regarding products quality and application effect.
●  Zibo Yinxuan carries out process responsibility management. Staff of next procedure will inspect products from last procedure, and different majors' inspectors supervise and inspect the whole process. Certificate of inspection is the premise of sending products to customers. Process controlling involves from raw material entry until exit of final products.
●  Zibo Yinxuan strictly carries out Batch Management in production. Relative process and raw material is decided by customers' requirement for quality. From raw material to finished product, it could clearly show batch No. and do quality assessment at any procedure.

Price Commitment
●  All Zibo Yinxuan graphite products are self produced without middle stages, which makes Zibo Yinxuan graphite products price obviously competitive.
●  Most Zibo Yinxuan graphite material, graphite electrodes, graphite powder carbon additive, graphite scraps are self produced, with only small part produced by OEM in sister companies, which makes advantages of stable quality and competitive price.
●  Zibo Yinxuan carbon paste, carbon additives in coal and petroleum coke, gouging carbon rod are produced by OEM, with satisfactory quality, competitive price and excellent cost efficiency.
●  Zibo Yinxuan will never increase the price within validity of quotation, no matter how market changes. Contracts will be fulfilled faithfully.

Delivery Time Commitment
●  We normally stock regular graphite material for 6 months production, which enables immediate production after order received and shortens delivery time.
●  Long cooperation contracts with shipping companies ensure priority loading of our products.
●  Extended production and business capabilities ensures on-time delivery.

Technical Support Commitment
●  Pre-sale Service. Before selling of products, our technicians communicate well to get customers' detailed requirements, and propose reasonable suggestions for raw material choice and products application, in order to avoid products functional waste and insufficiency to reduce purchasing cost for customers.
●  In-sale service. Necessary communications with customers will be kept during production to avoid any potential problems caused by both parties' different understanding, thus maximally ensuring customers' benefits.
●  After-sale Service. We will continuously track application of our products, solve any problem happening during use, improve products properties and propose more effective solutions for customers.

Responsibility Commitment
Zibo Yinxuan faithfully fulfill contracts and assume all obligations and responsibilities in contracts.

Zibo Yinxuan is Reliable Partner for You.