The Reason Why EDM Graphite Electrode Replaces Copper Electrode

- Jun 15, 2017-

   EDM graphite electrode material is made of EDM graphite electrode carbon material, is one of the most rapid development of materials in today's industrial materials, not only in the traditional industrial industry (metallurgy, chemical, mechanical) in the use of the increase in the number of applications Has expanded to a wide range of high-tech fields such as aerospace, aerospace, electronics, electrochemistry, communications, nuclear industry, precision machinery, bioengineering and environmental protection.EDM Graphite Electrodes

    EDM graphite electrode material is EDM graphite electrode electrode material (except for special instructions, EDM graphite electrode materials are referred to as EDM graphite electrode), in foreign applications is very Widely used in more than 95% of the United States EDM users EDM graphite electrode for electrode materials, in other industrialized countries such as Japan and Switzerland and other countries, EDM graphite electrode in the EDM electrode material also occupies a major position. In recent years, EDM graphite electrode as an electrode material in China's automotive, home appliances, communications and electronics products such as die manufacturing business in the field of increasingly widespread.

    EDM graphite electrode density of about 1.55 a 1.859 / em3, only copper density of 1/5, while EDM graphite electrode can be bonded, it can be used to create complex shapes of large electrodes. Compared with the copper electrode material, EDM graphite electrode has the advantages of high strength, small electrode consumption and small thermal deformation, especially suitable for the manufacture of processing with thin walls, fins and micro-holes and other special structure of the complex cavity mold with the electrode , EDM graphite electrode electrode material has gradually replaced the copper electrode to become the mainstream of EDM electrode materials. EDM graphite electrode of the traditional processing methods are cars, milling, grinding and sawing, but can only achieve a simple shape, the accuracy of the electrode processing.EDM Graphite Electrodes

    With the EDM graphite electrode high-speed machining centers, tools and related technology supporting the rapid development and application, these traditional processing methods have been gradually replaced by high-speed processing technology. EDM graphite electrode high-speed machining center spindle speed is usually between 10,000 to 60,000r / min, the feed rate of up to 60m / rain, processing wall thickness can be less than O. 2mm, the smallest fillet can be less than O. 2ram, surface processing quality and high processing precision, EDM graphite electrode is the current high-precision machining of the main means of precision. With the mold industry product structure to large-scale, precision.EDM Graphite Electrodes