The Development Of Industrial Structure Of Graphite Scraps

- Jun 15, 2017-

     China's rapid economic development, the global economic integration trend, forcing each industry as soon as possible modernization. China's graphite industry has a world-class resource advantages, and in the international graphite market is completely passive, can not issue a decisive impact of the voice, the fundamental reason is that the formation of a modern industry.Graphite Scraps

    In the industrial structure, it should change the kind of raw materials that are only selected for the production of raw materials. As a mineral resource-based industry, the production of raw materials is of course large, but as a twenty-first century the industry must adapt to the new economic order. New century carbon material will be the most widely used, the fastest growing new materials, natural graphite is one of the important part. Graphite Scraps

    The development of natural graphite materials, information, energy, environment, biology and other fields to provide technical support materials, graphite industry should be an important direction for structural adjustment. The kind of "water flow", low level of repeated mineral projects should be stopped. This will inevitably lead to the depletion of resources and waste, nearly 20 years Chenzhou has proven more than 30 million tons of microcrystalline graphite has consumed about half of which many were burned as a coal; a lot of new scales Graphite project beneficiation level is low, and even some of the mining area of the tailings discharged than the Shandong ore is also higher grade. This is a crime against future generations and nature mothers. Industrial structure adjustment, need to scale, high-quality leading enterprises to guide. The formation of long-industrial chain from the selection of materials into the scale of the leading enterprises, the need to introduce strategic funds, the current financial market has begun to pay attention to the graphite industry. Of course, the adjustment of industrial structure is inseparable from the intervention of administrative power and the organization, management and guidance of trade associations.Graphite Scraps