The Application Of Graphite Blocks In Modern Mold

- Sep 29, 2017-

It is impermeable to graphite products such as gas, steam, liquid and other fluid media. Graphite is a special non-metallic material, it not only has good physical and mechanical properties and processing performance, but also has excellent corrosion resistance and high thermal conductivity, therefore, is the ideal material for the manufacture of chemical anti-corrosion equipment. Graphite products as structural materials also contain some polymeric materials or other ingredients to suit different conditions of use. Graphite Blocks

The characteristic impermeable graphite has the following characteristics.Corrosion resistance In addition to strong oxidizing media such as nitric acid, concentrated sulfuric acid, chromic acid, hypochlorous acid, hydrogen peroxide, strong oxidizing salt solution and some halogen, can withstand the vast majority of acid, alkali, salt solution, organic solvent Such as corrosion. Graphite Blocks

In addition to the addition of fluorine plastic materials, the corrosion resistance depends mainly on the added ingredients. Since the thermal conductivity of the graphite crystal parallel to the direction of the layer is much larger than the thermal conductivity in the direction perpendicular to the plane, the thermal conductivity of the graphite product is anisotropic both in extrusion molding and in compression molding.Graphite Blocks

Thermal shock resistance The thermal shock resistance is proportional to the tensile strength of the material and the square root of the 14 thermal conductivity, inversely proportional to its linear expansion coefficient and elastic modulus. The most widely used impregnated graphite because of its linear expansion coefficient is small, high thermal conductivity, relative to the tensile strength of the elastic modulus is low, which has a high thermal shock resistance. Its thermal shock resistance is much higher than other commonly used brittle non-metallic materials, and thus corrosive media heat transfer, especially in the combustion furnace has advantages. Graphite Blocks

And the use of polymer materials and graphite powder after extrusion extrusion or molding of graphite products, due to a significant increase in linear expansion coefficient, thermal conductivity decreased significantly, resulting in poor thermal shock resistance.Graphite Blocks