Production Cost Of EDM Graphite Electrodes

- Nov 03, 2017-

Graphite machine processing speed is fast, the copper electrode $number times, the finishing speed is particularly prominent, and its strength is very high, for ultra-high (50~90mm), ultra-thin (0.2~0.5mm) of the electrode, processing is not easy to deformation.EDM Graphite Electrodes 

And in many cases, products need to have a good surface effect, this requires that when making electrodes as far as possible to make the whole common electrode, and the whole public electrode when the production of a variety of hidden angle, because of the easy to repair the characteristics of graphite, making the problem is easy to solve, and greatly reduce the number of electrodes, but the copper electrode can not do.EDM Graphite Electrodes

In the production cost of a set of moulds, the machining time, EDM time and electrode loss of the electrode are the most of the total cost, which is determined by the electrode material itself. Compared with copper, Graphite's machining speed and EDM speed are $number times of copper. At the same time, the minimal wear characteristics and the overall production of graphite electrode, can reduce the number of electrodes, but also reduce the electrode supplies and machining time. All of these can greatly reduce the production cost of the mold.EDM Graphite Electrodes

Professional graphite electrode production mainly using high-speed machine tools to process, machine tool stability is better, the three-axis movement should be uniform and stable vibration, and such as spindle such as the accuracy of the rotation to be as good as possible. For general machine tools can also be completed electrode processing, but the preparation of the knife path and the copper electrode is different.EDM Graphite Electrodes

The future development of the mold industry trends, who can in the shortest time to complete the production of molds, who won the customer, won the market. Because the graphite electrode (compared with copper) has less electrode consumption, faster discharge processing speed, good machining performance, light weight, small thermal expansion coefficient and other advantages, has been gradually recognized and accepted. Have the graphite electrode has a mold tomorrow!EDM Graphite Electrodes