Processing Of Machined Graphite Parts Of The Production Process

- Jun 15, 2017-

    Graphite production process: the general production of carbon graphite material Carbon graphite materials can be used for ordinary dry and wet machine processing. However, in order to maintain its purity, high purity graphite is usually used for dry processing. Grinding and grinding ordinary graphite, often used wet processing. It is best to avoid the same machine on the dry, wet processing conversion operation.Machined Graphite Parts

    Dust removal, the use of dry processing, all machines should be installed on the dust removal device, in addition to large-scale graphite processing shop, the need not install the central dust removal equipment. If the workshop is primarily used for machining metal, it is necessary to install a tool on each machine. Vacuum cleaner (vacuum 300mm head or air flow for 18 m / s) should be covered with a smooth polished or guide surface. Cutting, carbon can be cut with bronze-based diamond grinding wheel, grinding wheel thickness of 200-300mm, line speed of 50-60 m / s. Graphite can be cut with a tool steel rough tooth saw (5 teeth / inch) cutting speed of 300-600 m / min.Machined Graphite Parts

    Turning, the workpiece is best placed in a spring jacket or with an expansion ring. In terms of the ceramic properties of graphite, the clamping pressure should be dispersed in the area as large as possible. In principle, KO1, K05 and K10 carbide inserts can be used. If a tolerance of less than 1T7 is required, a diamond tool is recommended. By using the rounded or chamfered chamfer of the tool nose to reduce the coiled corner.

    Grinding, carbon graphite material can be grinding. The grinding wheel density should be between 6-9. When high-precision surface treatment is required, honing, grinding and polishing processes must be taken. Graphite is a ceramic adhesive that can be used for bonding materials such as polyester, hydrogen peroxide, alumina used in high temperature conditions or alumina or zirconia as a matrix.Machined Graphite Parts