Processing Of Machined Graphite Parts Machinery

- Sep 29, 2017-

With the development of materials science, microelectronics, mechanics and informatics and other disciplines, micro-cutting technology has developed rapidly, becoming a cutting-edge research field with multi-disciplinary cross.Machined Graphite Parts Micro-cutting technology is a fast and low-cost small parts of the mechanical processing, not subject to processing materials in the three-dimensional geometry and diversification of materials in the micro-processing has a unique advantage, is a micron and intermediate scale machinery manufacturing Emerging technology, to achieve the production of small molds of the mass. Fine milling, fine turning, fine grinding and micro-stamping. Constitute the current micro-cutting technology.Machined Graphite Parts Small parts refers to a small scale range of light, electricity, machine, magnetic, liquid and other elements of a high degree of integration of a class of parts. Small parts in the structure, component materials and processing technology, etc. have the following characteristics: micro parts of the composition of materials mainly metal, alloy or composite materials such as non-silicon materials, good mechanical properties, high hardness, with wear resistance, resistance Overload, high temperature or corrosion resistance, able to harsh conditions can also work properly.Machined Graphite Parts

Now widely exists in a variety of micro-systems, including the framework, wall, cavity, shaft, groove, wheel, hole and other forms of structure, the market demand, and now the biggest problem is to meet the processing accuracy requirements under the premise How to solve the problem of mass production. Refers to the overall scale in millimeters, it is difficult to use conventional methods of processing small parts. To quasi-three-dimensional or three-dimensional structure of the three-dimensional structure of the main, aspect ratio or aspect ratio. Complex structure, compact space, there is a definite connection between the various components, transmission or assembly relationship, the shape and location of the accuracy requirements are very high. For the precision of the surface of the parts of the lower requirements, not necessarily into the nano-level.Machined Graphite Parts