Process Parameters And Influencing Factors Of Gouging Carbon Electrode

- Nov 03, 2017-

The effect of current on the size of the planing groove is great, when the current increases, the width of the planing groove increases and the depth increases, and the high current can improve the planing speed and obtain the smoother planing groove. However, when the current is too large, the carbon rod head is prone to redness and the copper plating layer is easy to fall off.Gouging Carbon Electrode 

Under normal current, the carbon rod hair red length is 25mm, the current is small is easy to produce the carbon sequestration phenomenon. The actual production can be referred to the selection of current.Gouging Carbon Electrode

Planing speed has a certain effect on planing groove size and surface quality. Too fast will cause carbon rods to collide with metal, which will make carbon stick to the top of the planing groove, forming a "carbon sequestration" defect. On the contrary, the speed is too slow and easy to appear "sticky slag" problem.Gouging Carbon Electrode 

Usually the planing speed is 0. $number 2m/min is more appropriate. Gas planing, arc length will cause an arc instability, and even cause arc. The operation is generally suitable for short arcs to improve productivity and carbon rod utilization. The general arc length is 1-2mm advisable.Gouging Carbon Electrode

The length of the carbon rod from the jaw to the arc end is stretched out length longer, the further away from the arc, the compressed air blows to the molten pool, which is not enough to blow the molten metal off; on the other hand, the longer the length of the stick, the greater the resistance of the carbon rod, the faster the burn loss. operation, carbon rod suitable extension length of 80-100 mm, when burned to $number mm will be adjusted.Gouging Carbon Electrode 

Carbon-arc gouging is a thermal process that uses the arc heat generated between the carbon rod and the workpiece to melt the metal and blow the molten metal away with compressed air, thereby gouging the groove on the metal.Gouging Carbon Electrode

Carbon Sogang and low alloy steel carbon arc gas planing, the general use of DC reverse (DCRP), that is, the workpiece to connect the cathode, carbon rod connecting the positive. The carbon content of molten metal is as high as 1.44% when the DC reverse carbon arc gas gouging is adopted, while the carbon content is 0.38%. The molten metal with high carbon content has good fluidity and low solidification temperature. Therefore, the process is stable, the arc issued "brush" sound, planing groove width consistent, bright and clean. If the polarity is wrong, the arc is unstable and the intermittent "toot" sound is issued.Gouging Carbon Electrode