Process Equipment For Graphite Material

- Aug 23, 2017-

     Process equipment: After calcined petroleum coke, bitumen Coke into the workshop, in the jaw crusher in the initial crushing, with bucket elevator mentioned the second floor of the storage hopper. The use of 4R mill (improved type) for grinding, qualified material powder automatically into the three-floor storage hopper. On the second floor of the preparation of 2 sets of electronic said, automatic batching, into the first floor mixer (coal, asphalt also from the second floor to join). Mixing in 1000L electrothermal power mixer with kerosene heating.Graphite Material
    After the mixer is out of the material, the material is sent to the φ400mm hot rolling mill for roll. After the roll of the material sheet into the automatic cooler to cool the material, and then through the bucket machine into the second floor of the storage hopper. The 4R mill is used for milling, then the input to the second floor hopper, to be suppressed. The above-mentioned processes adopt the closed operation of water, and some of the exposed parts adopt forced ventilation to prevent pollution.Graphite Material
    Press the powder in the mechanical press to carry on the preloading molding. Adopt isostatic pressing press molding. Culture burning in the ring-type culture furnace, hot gas heating, at the top of the furnace. The stove is environmentally friendly, the volatile part can be fully burned, reducing energy consumption. 30m high chimney with annual output of 4000T. The use of horizontal impregnation cylinder, asphalt pressurized type, heat kerosene heating. The softening point of the dipping liquid can be changed according to the need. Graphite using a new energy-saving graphite furnace, power consumption in 3. Within 5KW/KG, annual output of 3000T.
    The purpose of Graphitization: 1. Eliminate impurities, improve purity, carbon products in the process of graphitization, because the temperature is up to 3,000 ℃, so the low melting point impurities are mostly evaporated. The ash of general roasting products can be reduced by about 70% after graphite treatment. Graphite Material
    If in graphitization to the Graphite Cup into the fluorine, chlorine and other gases, you can further remove some high melting point impurities, the ash can be reduced by about 300 times times the original. 2. Reduce the resistance and improve the conductive performance. Graphite Material
    Product after graphitization of the specific resistance than the roasting product is much lower, generally 5 times times or so, become non-metallic in the only good conductive properties of materials. 3. Increase the true proportion, the product after graphitization the true proportion, compared to the roasting product to increase, its increment value is 0.12g/cm around, the increase in the percentage is about 5% 4. After graphitization, the thermal conductivity, oxidation resistance and chemical stability of the products can be enhanced. Graphite Material
    However, after graphitization, the strength of the product is significantly reduced, generally less than 50% of the roasting products. In addition, the porosity of the graphite product increases, the density is worse, and the general increase value is about 4%. Impregnation measures are often used in production to improve these shortcomings.Graphite Material