Physical Properties And Reactions Of Graphite Molds

- Sep 19, 2017-

      Graphite has two different sintered graphite: carbon graphite and electrochemical graphite. The former is hard and brittle, the latter soft, low strength, good self-lubricating. Graphite has good self-lubricating and good thermal conductivity, with good corrosion resistance but not strong oxidation medium, with thermal shock resistance and low friction factor. However, graphite has the disadvantage of large porosity and low mechanical strength. Therefore, when graphite is used as a soft surface material, it is necessary to use impregnation to fill the pores and improve the mechanical strength.Graphite Dies

      It is important to choose the right impregnating agent. The properties of impregnating agent determine the chemical stability, thermal stability, mechanical strength and temperature of the impregnated graphite. The commonly used impregnating resins are phenolic resin, epoxy resins, furan and so on.Graphite Dies

     Phenolic resin has better acid resistance and good alkali resistance, while furan resins have better acidity and alkali tolerance. The commonly used impregnation metal has babbitt alloy, copper alloy, aluminum alloy, antimony alloy and so on.     Impregnated metal graphite mainly used 90MPa, the use of temperature of up to 500 ℃; the temperature of carbon graphite used in copper or copper alloy is 300 ℃, and the temperature of the carbon graphite used in the bath is 120~180℃.Graphite Dies

    Silica graphite is a silicon carbide-carbon composite with carbon-graphite materials. The methods of silica treatment are chemical vapor reverse reaction (CVR) and liquid silica infiltration method. Chemical vapor deposition method for the United States and. The former SI or Sio gas in the 1800~2200℃ high temperature under the silica reaction to convert the surface to Graphite Dies

    SIC, while the latter using liquid silicon instead of SI vapor or sic gas and CVR also as silicon treatment. Continuous casting graphite mold for copper, platinum, gold, silver, other non-ferrous metals and steel, stainless steel and other continuous casting molds. It has good thermal conductivity, high temperature self-lubricating, good wear resistance, high mechanical strength characteristics.Graphite Dies