Physical Analysis Of Graphite Dies

- Sep 28, 2017-

Graphite crucible is mainly made of graphite, that is, a kind of carbon isomorphic body, each carbon atom around the other three carbon atoms (arranged in a cellular multi-hexagonal) to covalent Bond to form a covalent molecule.Graphite Dies 

Most of the graphite crucible is carbon, part of the air, so that the graphite crucible at high temperatures prone to oxidation, Shuhua, shedding and other phenomena. It is found that the graphite material begins to oxidize at about 500 ℃. With the increase of the temperature of the graphite crucible, the oxidation rate increases geometrically and the oxidation increases.Graphite Dies

At this time most of the graphite crucible with ZS-1021 high temperature closed coating, this coating temperature is high, the use of Zhisheng Weihua special high temperature solution, temperature can reach 1800 ℃, can be a long time resistant to fire barbecue, coating materials using nano-scale Structure, compactness, and effective to prevent the spread of oxygen at high temperatures, hardness can reach 7-8H, hardness higher than the hardness of metal.Graphite Dies

High temperature graphite material synthesis materials include graphite electrode, graphite mold and graphite crucible three kinds of graphite in these three materials at high temperatures, graphite is prone to oxidative combustion reaction, resulting in the material surface carbon layer porosity increase and structure Loose, affecting the service life. Take the conventional baking of ladle, for example, carbon (graphite) refractory after baking the general surface to produce more than 15mm decarburization loose layer, decarburization layer in Sheng steel soon after erosion.Graphite Dies

In the special high temperature induction heating graphite crucible, in the high temperature oxidation environment used graphite electrode due to high temperature arc will be part of the sublimation oxidation, will cause the continuous consumption of graphite crucible, and even fracture, damage.Graphite Dies

 While the graphite crucible loss rate will reach 40-60%. Zhisheng Weihua years of research and production of ZS high temperature closed coating is mainly used for high temperature environment on the graphite electrode, graphite crucible, graphite parts of the anti-oxidation protection, delay the oxidation rate, increase the material strength and improve service life. Effective lower graphite electrode fracture, damage, shedding probability.Graphite Dies