Overview Of The Flake Graphite Market In October

- Nov 03, 2020-

The overall market trend of negative-mesh flake graphite products in October showed a stable trend, while the positive-mesh price continued to rise. Except for the slight increase in the price of flake graphite in the Northeastern, the negative-mesh market in other regions is showing a trend of maintaining stability. The price of the positive-mesh market continued to rise by 200 yuan/ton under the influence of supply and demand. Judging from the current market, the slight increase in the price of negative-mesh flake graphite is just the normal situation after the shutdown of the northeast flake graphite due to the climate. The price of negative-mesh graphite will not change significantly in the future. The situation of tight price increases in the positive-mesh flake graphite market will develop.

Northeast China: The price of flake graphite companies in the Northeast has increased, and the current price increase is 50 yuan/ton. Manufacturers in the Northeast region this year have fewer stocks than last year. On the other hand, the overall demand in the refractory industry is weak, but the demand for deep processing of graphite such as spherical graphite has recovered quickly, so the price of flake graphite has risen as expected.

Shandong: The quotation of the negative-mesh flake graphite market in Shandong is temporarily stable, and the price of the positive market has generally risen by 200 yuan/ton this month, driven by the early tension. The reason for the price increase of positive-mesh graphite this month is still driven by tight supply. It is expected that there will be no further price adjustments after the price adjustment here until before the heating season.