Material Properties Of Machined Graphite Parts

- Oct 25, 2017-

From the analysis of material properties, m106h is impregnated graphite, shore hardness is 60, compressive strength is $number. 6MPa, bending resistance 49MPa. Through the process test, the principle of micro-layer extrusion is adopted. The concrete method is: After the filtered micro-powder and kerosene are embedded into the grinding plate, the polishing plaster is used to remove the coarse particles from the surface of the flat plate, so that the micro powder particles on the surface of the slab are thrown flat and highly consistent. Then, the parts are directly placed on such a flat plate to grind, so that the flat plate can be uniformly uniform micro-layer extrusion cutting.Machined Graphite Parts

The W7 Micropowder is still in the same order. After the completion of the study, the 200mm first-level knife-edge inspection, should not be transparent or uniform indentation; also available f80mm optical flat-crystal inspection, should be less than a light wave interference band, and uniform micro-convex. Should note: After the coarse, refined to the research, there are a large number of micro-powder embedded in the plate pores, the micro-powder to the cutting of graphite is enough, no longer the pressure sand process.Machined Graphite Parts Polishing plate. 4 layers of silk in a piece of already developed flat, with kerosene to the silk cloth poured through, and then with the W7 chromium oxide polishing paste will be another 2 pieces of the tablet on the silk cloth polished. The effect of polishing is to throw off the coarse particles on the plate and make the micro-powder distribution of the embedded plate highly consistent. At the same time, the surface roughness of the plate is improved, which is smaller than Ra0.1μm.Machined Graphite Parts 

This process is the key to this method. On the polished 2-piece flat on the $number drip kerosene and instrumentation oil, with cotton oil on the plate daub evenly, after 3min, the flat surface of the oil layer wiped clean. In this way, the kerosene and micropowder in the permeable plate pores are uniformly mixed to form a micro-layer cutting fluid for processing graphite.Machined Graphite Parts

The part is put on the plate to carry on the circular spiral movement, the two hands force is consistent, through the micro-layer extrusion cutting, completes the plane b the grinding. Pay attention to clean the plate, in time to remove the debris and dirt. After the completion of the parts, with a clean silk cloth or cotton wool lightly rub to grind debris. Attention can not be used to clean oil, the test found that after the oil immersion, the surface roughness of the parts become worse.Machined Graphite Parts