Market Analysis Of Graphite Rounds Industry

- May 31, 2017-

Graphite Rounds material and its composite materials as the 21st century emerging materials, no doubt there will be great development, and in many areas of application, the corresponding emergence of some emerging high-tech industries. China has a wealth of Graphite Rounds resources, research and development work has been a certain basis, with a certain technical reserves; through a technology development, will soon realize industrialization and achieved significant economic benefits. The development goals of national planning include: the development of nuclear energy with ultra-low sulfur and high purity flexible graphite ring processing technology and equipment, the development of lithium-ion battery natural graphite ring anode material preparation technology and equipment, the development of domestic color TV needed various brands of graphite Milk, the development of impregnated silicon graphite ring material production technology key equipment (dedicated vacuum induction furnace) and auxiliary processing and equipment; impregnated silicon graphite ring material, the development of molding processing technology and equipment.

Although the Graphite Rounds is an important strategic resource, the use is extremely extensive, but the market can not achieve unlimited expansion, leading to the Graphite Rounds market situation was a significant cyclical changes. That is, the market demand increases, the price of graphite products rose, investment capital inflows, Graphite Rounds production capacity increased, production increased, followed by supply and demand imbalance, prices fell, the market downturn, both production and price slips, industry downturn, market competition, Bottom. And then with the market demand to improve, and began a new cycle, basically 3 to 5 years a cycle. "Thirteen five" time China's Graphite Rounds industry will appear fierce competition contest state. State-owned enterprises reorganization, foreign investment settled, because the handling of bankruptcy can not help. Faced with this serious detection of broad enterprises should adhere to vigilance, change the traditional concept, to speed up the development of enterprises.

"2015 China's Graphite Rounds market research and development prospects forecast report" in the years of Graphite Rounds industry research on the basis of the conclusion, combined with the development of China's Graphite Rounds industry market status, through a senior research team on the Graphite Rounds market all kinds of information sorting analysis, And relying on the authority of the state data resources and long-term market monitoring database, the Graphite Rounds industry conducted a comprehensive and detailed investigation and study.

"2015 China Graphite Rounds Market Research and Development Prospects Report" can help investors to accurately grasp the status of the market in the Graphite Rounds industry, investors to invest in the graphite industry prospects to predict, tap the investment value of the Graphite Rounds industry, while Graphite Rounds industry investment strategy, marketing strategy and other aspects of the proposal.