Machined Graphite Parts Take You To Understand The Properties Of Graphite

- Oct 16, 2017-

Natural graphite is divided into crystalline graphite and micro-spar ink. The crystalline graphite in China is mostly flake graphite, which is a mineral with carbonaceous rock which has been deteriorated by long-term geologic action. Microcrystalline Graphite because of its small grain size, usually under the name of a micron, China's micro-spar is the coal metamorphic minerals, also known as amorphous, Earth-like graphite, hidden spar ink.Machined Graphite Parts Graphite is the most common crystalline form of carbon. The crystal is composed of carbon atoms hexagonal mesh plane rules piled up, can be stacked into six square crystals, can also be stacked into a ling square crystal. Usually graphite is mainly six square crystals, containing $number of the Siderite Crystal. The graphite has obvious layered structure, the carbon atom NET plane structure fastens tightly, the atom spacing is only 0.142nm, and the net plane layer knot force is very small, the spacing reaches 0.335nm, the layer is very easy to slide, this is the graphite has good lubrication structure basis. Other crystalline forms of graphite and carbon, such as diamond, fullerene and carbon, can be converted to each other under certain conditions.Machined Graphite Parts

Graphite has excellent high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, radiation resistance, conductive, thermal conductivity, self-lubricating and other properties, in various fields of science and technology has a wide range of applications in the nuclear power, electronics, aerospace, military areas are indispensable strategic resources.Machined Graphite Parts China has a wealth of natural graphite resources, especially crystalline flake graphite, reserves, production and international trade volume ranked first in the world, called Graphite power. The world has proven graphite reserves of 230 million T, China occupies 170 million t, World Vision reserves 700 million T, China is 400 million t. Crystalline graphite resources are widely distributed in China, almost all provinces and regions, mainly in Heilongjiang, Shandong, Inner Mongolia, Hubei and so on. The Heilongjiang Luobei County reserves nearly billion tons, is Asia's largest graphite mine. Microcrystalline Graphite, China's main origin is Hunan, Jilin, Inner Mongolia and other places.Machined Graphite Parts