Machined Graphite Parts Of The Application Of Doubts

- Sep 28, 2017-

Many users in the field of EDM still have many doubts when applying graphite electrode materials. On the one hand because of the long-term use of traditional copper makes the user has a psychological habit and dependency, on the other hand is due to their milling machine or EDM practical experience in the application of inadequate. Machined Graphite Parts

Today, this situation has changed, in Europe, more than 90% of the electrode material is graphite. Copper, which once dominated the electrode material, and graphite electrode compared to its advantage almost disappeared. What led to this dramatic change? EDM industry in recent years can be confirmed: this change back to the many advantages of graphite electrodes.Machined Graphite Parts In the production process, graphite to up to 3000 degrees Celsius at high temperatures for processing. Such a high temperature so that most of the impurities are volatile, so that the purity of graphite up to 99.99% (100ppm). This means that only one hundred million products in the presence of impurities, and these impurities have been broken down into various elements, it is difficult to be found traces. Some special applications require graphite purity can even be less than 5ppm. As a result, there is little use of pure natural raw material production in product manufacturing and mold making.Machined Graphite Parts

From the point of view of the processing technology, graphite can not be compared with copper, because it completely uses a different processing technology. For example, the greater the feed per knife, the smaller the tool wear. In addition, with the metal material processing is the opposite, in the graphite processing, with the cutting speed of the progress of the tool wear but significantly reduced.Machined Graphite Parts In this case, we mainly use diamonds or diamond-coated tools. In the use of the same time, people also need to pay attention to a lot of metal materials processing and very different rules. Often, companies typically train employees when introducing new processes such as software, machine control systems, and automation systems. But only when the copper processing methods into graphite processing, companies rarely provide them with training opportunities. Therefore, a lot of graphite instead of copper materials for EDM manufacturers, this early attempt from the beginning has died.Machined Graphite Parts