Introduction Of Continuous Casting Graphite Dies

- Jul 25, 2017-

               As a widely used industrial technology in the field of Mold, EDM (EDM) has always played an important role. In order to maintain the high quality of the mould, the importance of electrodes is a topic that has long been discussed. And in the energy-saving become a hot topic today, more and more customers in the traditional copper electrodes to discharge EDM, but also have to start to realize the new trend of technological change: how to use the limited resources to improve production value? How can we save time, energy and power in the same situation?Graphite Dies

              Continuous casting graphite mold for copper, platinum, gold, silver, other non-ferrous metals and steel, stainless steel and other continuous casting molds. It has good thermal conductivity, high temperature self-lubricating, good abrasion resistance, high mechanical strength. According to the casting method can be divided into horizontal continuous casting mold or vertical (UP) continuous casting mold two. According to the casting materials are: 1, brass mold, 2, copper continuous casting mold, 3, gold, silver, platinum and other jewelry molds, 4, steel stainless steel mold 4. According to the shape of the casting products have round bar mold, hollow pipe mold, special-shaped mold 3 kinds. The single hole graphite mold and porous graphite mold were divided by the number of holes.Graphite Dies

             Graphite has the following copper is not comparable to the quality characteristics: processing speed: High-speed milling roughing than copper block 3 times times, high-speed milling finishing more than 5 times times the copper block; good processability, can achieve complex geometric modeling, light weight, less than 1/4 of the density of copper, electrode easy clamping, can reduce the number of single electrodes, because of the binding to make the combination of electrodes, good thermal stability, no deformation, no machining burr.Graphite Dies