Graphite Material The Reason For The Price Rise

- Jun 02, 2017-

    What causes the reasons for the rise in graphite prices, resulting in a sharp increase in the cost of processing enterprises? According to the introduction of the overall situation there are three aspects.

    First, is the production enterprises, after the financial crisis, the price of graphite fell for several months, and now the price is no profit at all. Now the Chinese economy has a significant rebound in the price of natural rebound.

    Second, the state raised the price after the production of graphite per ton of graphite cost (the largest power consumption) rose several hundred dollars.Graphite Material

    Third, the production of graphite asphalt, asphalt, oil prices are due to market factors rebound.

About the use of carbonizers

With the gradual progress of society, steel applications are gradually widening. From the previous construction, machinery, railway equipment to the current light industry, coal, containers, ships and other industries, so the quality requirements of steel has become strict. How to create high-quality steel materials at low cost, as the steel manufacturing enterprises to capture the market key.

    There are many kinds of raw materials of carbon agent, the production process is also different.Graphite Material

Graphite and carbon agent with the amount of carbon is essentially the difference, first, different raw materials, graphite carbon agent is made of natural graphite through the screening process, the amount of carbon is used to increase the amount of anthracite calcined; Different characteristics, graphite carbon agent with low sulfur and low nitrogen and low phosphorus, high temperature, good conductivity, etc., these are the advantages of coal is not available to the carbon agent; Third, the absorption rate is different, the absorption rate of graphite carburant in the More than 90%, which is why the fixed carbon content of low (75%) of the graphite carbon agent can meet the requirements of the reasons; Fourth, the price of graphite carbon agent is relatively high, but the cost of comprehensive use is much lower The

   The graphite carbon agent is not the market that the use of graphite powder by compression molding, this production methods need to add too much binder molding, carbon content generally less than the requirements of high-quality carbon agent. After the suppression of graphite powder, because it is solid block, no porous structure, so the absorption rate and absorption rate as calcined, roasting molding of carbon agent. High-quality carbon agent generally refers to the graphite by the carbon agent, in high temperature conditions, the arrangement of carbon atoms in the micro-morphology of graphite, so called graphitization. Graphitization can reduce the content of magazines in the carbon, increase the carbon content of the carbon agent and reduce the sulfur content.Graphite Material

   The use of carbonizers in the casting can significantly increase the amount of scrap, reduce the amount of pig iron or no pig iron. At present, the vast majority of carbonizers are suitable for electric furnace smelting, there are a small part of the absorption rate is particularly fast carbonizer for cupola. Electric furnace smelting of the feeding method, the carbon agent should be with the scrap and other materials into the inside together, the addition of small doses can be added to the surface of the molten iron.

  But to avoid large quantities of molten iron to feed, to prevent excessive oxidation and the effect of carbon is not obvious and the cast carbon content is not enough. The amount of carbon agent added, according to the ratio of other raw materials and carbon content to be set. Different types of cast iron, according to the need to choose different types of carbon agent. The characteristics of the carbon agent itself choose pure carbon-containing graphitizing substances, reduce excess impurities in pig iron, the choice of carbon agent can reduce the cost of casting production.