Graphite Material As A Conductive Material

- May 15, 2017-

Application fields of graphite materials

1, graphite materials can be used as refractory: graphite and its products have high temperature, high-strength properties, in the metallurgical industry is mainly used to make graphite crucible, in steelmaking commonly used graphite as a steel ingot protection agent, metallurgical furnace lining.

2. Graphite materials can be conductive materials: in the electrical industry used as manufacturing electrodes, brushes, carbon rods, carbon tubes, mercury positive electrode, graphite washers, telephone parts, television picture tube coating and so on.

3. Graphite material can be used as wear-resisting lubrication material: graphite is often used as lubricant in mechanical industry. Lubricants often cannot be used in high speed, high temperature, high-pressure conditions, and graphite wear-resistant materials can be at the 200 temperature at a very high sliding speed, do not work lubricants. Many of the equipment conveying corrosive media, widely used graphite materials into the piston cup, sealing rings and bearings, they do not need to add lubricating oil. Graphite milk is also a good lubricant for many metal processing (wire drawing and drawing).

4. Graphite material can be used for corrosion resistance: Graphite has good chemical stability, after special processing of graphite, with corrosion resistance, good thermal conductivity, low permeability, a large number of applications for the production of heat exchanger, reaction trough, condensation, combustion towers, absorption towers, coolers, heaters, filters, pump equipment. Widely used in petrochemical industry, hydrometallurgy, acid and alkali production, synthetic fibers, papermaking and other industrial sectors, can save a lot of metal materials.

The varieties of graphite are different because of the resins contained in the non-permeability, and the corrosion resistance varies. such as phenolic resin impregnated with acid, but not alkali; the resin impregnated with furfuryl alcohol is acid and alkali. The heat resistance of different varieties is also different: carbon and graphite in the reductive atmosphere can withstand 2000, oxidation atmosphere in 350 ℃ and 400 ℃ respectively began oxidation; non-permeability graphite varieties with the impregnation and different, generally phenolic or furfuryl alcohol impregnation heat resistance at 180 ℃ below.

5. Graphite materials can be cast, foundry, die and high temperature metallurgical materials: Due to the low thermal expansion coefficient of graphite, and the ability to change the hot and nasty cold, can be used as the mould of the glass, the use of graphite metal after the casting size precision, surface smooth yield high, without processing or a little processing can be used, thus saving a lot of metals. The production of powder metallurgy, such as cemented carbide, is usually made of graphite material in the porcelain boat of mould and sintering. Monocrystalline silicon crystal growth crucible, regional refining containers, stent fixture, induction heaters are used in high-purity graphite processing. In addition, graphite can also be used as vacuum smelting graphite insulation plates and bases, high-temperature resistance furnace tubes, rods, plates, shed and other components.

6, graphite materials can be used in the atomic energy industry and defense Industries materials: Graphite has a good neutron reducer for atomic reactor, uranium a graphite reactor is a more application of a atomic reactor. As the power of the atomic energy reactor, the deceleration material should have high melting point, stable, corrosion-resistant performance, graphite can meet the above requirements. The purity of graphite used as atomic reactor is high, and the impurity content should not exceed dozens of ppm. In particular, the boron content should be less than 0.5PPM. In the defense industry, graphite is also used for the manufacture of solid fuel rocket nozzles, missile nose cones, cosmic navigational equipment parts, thermal insulation and radiographic materials.

7. Graphite materials can be used to prevent the scale: Graphite also prevents the boiler fouling, the relevant unit tests show that in the water to add a certain amount of graphite powder (per ton of water about using 4~5 grams) can prevent the boiler surface fouling. In addition, graphite coated in metal chimneys, roofs, bridges, pipelines can be anti-corrosion rust.

8. Graphite materials can be used as pencil cores, pigments, polishing agents and other materials: Graphite after special processing, can make a variety of special materials for the industrial sector.

9. Graphite materials can be used as electrode materials: graphite will gradually replace copper as the preferred material for EDM electrodes.

10. Graphite can be made of handicraft material: graphite also commonly known as "black gold" graphite substitute metal used in food utensils collar ink household items, graphite cookware, graphite tea sets, graphite mattresses, such as graphite crafts.