Graphite Granules

- Dec 11, 2018-

Graphite granules

  There are various applications about synthetic graphite granules. It can be used as carbon raiser in steel-making , and can also be used as raw material in production of carbon electrodes and  cathode blocks. Besides, it could also be applied as conductive materials, abrasion-resistant materials and lubricants, sealing materials and so on.

  About the production of synthetic graphite granules, there are two methods. The first one is by being crushed from graphite electrode scraps and then sieve them into grain sizes required by customers. The second type is being directly sieved from the graphite electrode powders with mixed particle sizes.

Zibo Yinxuan Carbon is capable of producing both type of graphite granules as above

introduced, so customers can give us technical references, such as grain size, real density, fixed carbon, sulfur, ash, volatile matter and moisture , and we will choose the best cost- effective graphite granules according to your requirements . We could supply 1000 tons per month with stable and continuous supplying.

  Since 2008 year, Zibo Yinxuan has been focusing on graphite granules production and supply in international market. Strictly quality control on graphite granules cleanness,   100% avoid impurities and assurance of technical specifications enables Zibo Yinxuan good reputation and development in this industry.

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