Graphite For Continuous Casting

- Oct 27, 2020-

Because continuous casting can simplify the process of direct extrusion or rolling to produce blank slabs, improve product qualification rate, and has uniform product organization structure. Nowadays, the continuous casting method is almost used for plastic processing materials of non-ferrous metals.

For the nozzle andcore used in continuous casting, the following characteristics are required:

1Good thermal conductivity

2Thermal stability, high thermal shock

3Good lubricity

4does not wet with molten metal

5Does not react with cast metal andaffect quality

6Easy to process under strict tolerance requirements

In general, graphite materials can almost meet the above conditions. In particular, the isostatic graphite materials has high mechanical strength, a uniform and dense structure, no large pores, and the expansion coefficient can be adjusted within a considerable range, which is a very good material.

The current graphite nozzle for continuous casting is suitable for copper, bronze, brass, phosphor bronze, nickel silver, cupronickel, aluminum alloy, cast iron, etc. During production, attention should be paid to cooling water management to eliminate the gas generated and prevent surface segregation.

The characteristics of the graphite material used are bulk density 1.70~1.90/, bending strength 40~50, tensile strength 25~40, thermal conductivity coefficient 110~150W/mK. Nozzle size round rods use maximum outer diameter 550mm, inner diameter ₵510mm, and length 580mm. For round pipes, there are two types: ₵390/₵355×420mm and ₵370/₵310×390mm. The vertical angle plate is 1260×200×280mm, and the horizontal plate is 1000×70×240mm. The casting speed is 0.7~4m/min according to the size of the cast plate.


A.High precision in machining, the max tolerance can be controlled to +/-0.03mm, to make sure the tight fit of graphite nozzle.

B.Anti-oxidation graphite nozzles with long service life.

C.All graphite materials are inspected before machining in our own lab. to ensure quality conformity and stability.

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