Graphite Electrode Material

- Aug 09, 2017-

             Graphite electrode material is different from copper, according to the size of granularity, it is divided into various grades. According to the quality requirements of the mold, material selection is the key, it directly affects the electrical processing speed, surface roughness, processing precision and so on. Therefore, according to the different processing situation, should be reasonable choice graphite electrode material.Graphite Material

             The influence of electrical parameters on EDM: 1. Pulse width: pulse width is the duration of the voltage pulse which is added to the discharge gap between the electrode and the workpiece. Pulse width to determine the pulse energy of a single pulse, with the increase of pulse width, the more the corrosion of the workpiece, the deeper the corrosion pits, the greater the surface roughness of workpiece. The larger the pulse width, the lower the electrode loss. When the current is constant, the pulse width is increased and the processing speed decreases. Because the pulse width is too long, not the normal discharge processing, but in the workpiece surface ablation, processing instability.Graphite Material

             2, pulse interval effect: Pulse interval is two voltage pulses between the time interval, changing the energy of each discharge in the pulse interval and the erosion of the workpiece remain unchanged, while the pulse interval of the same time changes the processing speed and the processing stability, the surface roughness is almost invariable, the processing speed and the electrode loss are changed. The pulse interval increases, the processing speed is reduced, the pulse interval reaches a certain value, if the pulse interval increases, the electrode loss will increase, because the pulse interval increases, the ionization of the polar medium is quite sufficient, which is advantageous to form the covering layer, thus the electrode loss decreases. But the pulse interval is too small, the ionization between the electrode and the workpiece is not sufficient, it may produce ablation phenomenon and process instability on the electrode and workpiece surface.Graphite Material