Impregnation Anti-oxidation Treatment Methods to Graphite Electrodes

- Mar 01, 2019-

Graphite electrode is mainly made from petroleum coke and needle petroleum coke, while coal pitch is used as binder. It is made by following processes: calcining, crushing and sieving, mixing, kneading, pressing, baking , graphitization and machining. It is to produce high temperature in the form of electric arc in electric arc furnaces. Generally graphite electrodes can be divided into regular power (RP), high power(HP) and ultra high power (UHP)graphite electrode. Users select suitable graphite electrode grades according to their furnace type.

   Yinxuan Carbon ( is capable of doing impregnation and coating anti-oxidation treatment to graphite electrodes. That will reduce lateral oxidation rate, prolong graphite electrodes lifespan, and reduce graphite electrodes consumption rate, which in turn cuts graphite electrodes utilization cost.