Graphite Electrode Needle Coke Staged Joint Price Increases

- Sep 29, 2020-

On September 23, the prices of the needle coke has increased CNY500-1000/ton. The prices of graphite electrodes have also started to rebound since September, generally increasing by CNY500-1500/ton.

According to the statistics, the price of needle coke in China has fallen from RMB 8,000/ton to RMB 4500/ton at the end of August since 2020, a drop of 43.75%. However, the current production cost of needle coke is CNY 5,000-6,000 /ton. As a result, most manufacturers are below the break-even point.

Statistics show that the output of needle coke was 286,800 tons from January to August, and the capacity utilization was only 43%. The price inversion of needle coke has hit the enthusiasm of enterprises to start operations. Many manufacturers focus on consuming inventory. At the end of August, domestic needle coke inventory consumption has basically bottomed out. Continued price inversions and low inventories provide an opportunity for an increase.

On the other hand, the production and marketing of graphite electrodes have improved since August by around 15%, and the operating rate of electric furnace remained at 65%. Steelworks’ enthusiasm for purchasing graphite electrodes has rebounded and the export market Inquiries have gradually increased. The price of graphite electrodes has also started to pick up since September, which has generally increased by CNY 500-1500/ton.


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