Graphite Dies The Way Of Living

- Jun 02, 2017-

   Small-scale graphite mold factory list of small profits thin not how to survive? Now plant specifications are small, to their own hands are not very good to do the list. First of all to understand what the problem is

1, what is the advantage of our product?Graphite Dies

   At this stage a considerable part of the enterprise or in the sale of the product stage, to make their own products sold more sell quickly sold, they must have a clear understanding of their products. To recognize their own products, you must have a good positioning of their products. At the same time to find their own competitors, as his standard, to see what the advantages of our products.

   To find out the advantages of their products, in fact, is to understand the selling point of their products, they should know their own products unique, and what is the difference between others. So that you can price products, to achieve the so-called pricing world. In the process of competition, to know ourselves, know yourself.

2 where is our customer?Graphite Dies

   Marketing people the most painful thing is not know where their customers, do not know who will sell their own products. Any company's products have a certain consumer groups, can only meet the needs of their products that part of the customer's needs. Many companies are through the network, by participating in a number of domestic and foreign exhibitions to recognize customers, build relationships, to achieve business. It takes a long process, the customer is a constant service and the accumulation process. Of course, acquaintances introduced, the customer's referrals are also good marketing strategy.

In general, there are two ways to find a customer, one is to find customers, but the pain is that we do not know where the customer. Another way is to tell the customer who I am, where i am, let the customer come to us. This is what I have been advocating the idea that allows customers to come to you!Graphite Dies

   So that customers come to you, the first is to make their own fame, and have enough visibility; followed by their own products to do a good job, the product will speak, get reputation; the last is to do the appropriate service, so that the existing Of customers have a value to enjoy, to win satisfaction; to allow customers to become our salesman, to obtain loyalty. During which inevitably have some advertising to attract customers eye.

3, how to more effective way for our customers to provide satisfactory products?

   To answer this question, we must have a good quality, have the ability to provide customers with the appropriate services. That is, the professional quality of our marketing staff must be first-class, is able to do their own work tasks. At the same time, we must establish and improve our marketing model, fast and efficient, able to make customer satisfaction. During the economic crisis, some enterprises have export-oriented transformation to do domestic sales, in fact, do not have the appropriate conditions, there is no corresponding staff, there is no corresponding channels. In the channel for the king today, who have access to the channel who have the right to speak.

   Customer satisfaction with the product is our products to meet market demand, customers in the use of our products, there is a sense of psychological satisfaction. This is the value of the product, the best value of the product is the brand. We start with the product, but to the end of the brand From the product to the brand process, the marketing people to pay more than just sweat, more wisdom. In this era of knowledge economy, knowledge embodies value, wisdom creates wealth. Marketing is the closest person to the brain and feet, close to the market, customer-centric, need to use our sweat to wipe our wisdom.