Graphite Blocks Why Can Do Sealing Ring

- May 15, 2017-

Graphite block is made of graphite electrode through deep processing of industrial graphite products!

Graphite Blocks Here's a brief introduction to the application and precautions of graphite block in powder metallurgy and metal casting:

Graphite Blocks The use of graphite block in powder metallurgy is mainly in the sintering process, the raw material is placed on the graphite block in the sintering furnace or vacuum furnace after high temperature, the different metals melt. Due to the high temperature resistance and oxidation resistance of graphite block, it can be used in powder metallurgy industry, graphite block can be reused repeatedly, which can save economical cost for customers!

Graphite Blocks Again, graphite blocks are used in the foundry industry. Metal after the graphite crucible heating can reach 1500 degrees Celsius into liquid, this time can use graphite casting method to create the required industrial products. Graphite Casting method is simple, graphite casting is similar to metal casting, is the use of scrap graphite electrode made of steelmaking plants, casting copper alloy castings, the effect is good. Graphite type characteristics of the most suitable for casting copper, aluminum alloy. It has good thermal conductivity and thermal chemical stability. Graphite cast tin bronze, aluminum iron bronze, can overcome the shrinkage cavity, loose, pinhole, such as casting defects, and improve mechanical properties.

Graphite Blocks Why can the graphite block make a seal ring?

In the graphite industry, it is well-known that graphite products in many industries have been widely used, graphite seals believe that often in the graphite circle around the partners are aware, then why graphite is used as a sealing material? This is a question worthy of our inquiry.

Graphite Blocks Graphite is a conductive property, good thermal conductivity, excellent corrosion resistance and other metals can not be replaced by the characteristics of the selected as sealing material has its special characteristics. Carbon graphite ring has high temperature resistance, self-lubricating, low friction coefficient, abrasion resistance, thermal expansion coefficient and low material properties, so the graphite seal rings in papermaking, textiles, pharmaceuticals, military and other industrial sectors, we can see the figure.

Graphite Blocks Not only that, graphite block can be made of graphite seal ring, graphite can be made in other industries of various types of graphite processing parts.