Graphite Blocks Can Be Applied To The Area

- Jun 02, 2017-

    First, the melting point of the graphite electrode is relatively high, so it has a high heat resistance, graphite electrode material according to the requirements, can be divided into different grades, while the choice of graphite electrode material is also a very critical factor, because the material selection Of the right or not, for the production and processing speed has a certain impact, so you can according to the different processing conditions, select the appropriate high-quality graphite electrode material.

And then is in the purchase time, should be mainly to the regular manufacturers or professional suppliers to purchase quality assurance products, so that both to ensure the quality of the purchase of products, but also to ensure the quality and efficiency of production.

    The final is based on their actual needs, select the product specifications and models meet the products, and some professional manufacturers can be customized according to the actual design needs of customers, so in the choice of time, we must pay attention to whether the selected products meet their own Actual demand.

    Conductive material: used in the electrical industry as the manufacture of electrodes, brushes, carbon rods, carbon tubes, mercury positive flow of the positive, graphite gaskets, telephone parts, TV picture tube coating.

For wear-resistant lubricants: graphite in the dull industry often used as a lubricant. Lubricants can not be used in high-speed, high temperature, high pressure conditions, and graphite wear-resistant materials can be (a) 200 ~ 2000 ℃ temperature at a high sliding speed, no oil thing.

    Many of the corrugated media are dispensed with the general acceptance of graphite materials made of piston cups, seals and bearings, which do not need to participate in the operation of lubricating oil. Graphite milk is also a good lubricant for many metalworking (wire drawing, tube).

    Graphite has good chemical stability. After the special processing of graphite, with corrosion resistance, good thermal conductivity, infiltration and low permeability characteristics, a large number of used for the production of hot interchanger, crimp tank, condensate, combustion tower, draw tower, cooler, heating Device, filter, pump configuration. Widely used in kerosene chemical, hydrometallurgical, acid-base production, synthetic fiber, paper and other industrial sectors, can save a lot of metal materials.