Graphite Blocks Are Better Than Graphene

- May 31, 2017-

According to a recent report by the American Society of Physicists, a German team of researchers used computer simulations to find that because of its special geometry, Graphite Blocks might be more conductive and more versatile than graphene.

Over the past few years, many scientists for the magical material graphene "competing waist", have been engaged in the study of graphene, and graphene characteristics and use of research reports also continue to come out. But now, as scientists continue to deepen the study of graphite alkyne, the results show that the graphite alkyne has a strong ability to conduct a variety of geometries, and its performance may be dwarf of graphene.

It is well known that graphene is a single layer of carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal or fine wire mesh fence shape. The graphite alkyne is also a single layer of carbon atoms, but these carbon atoms can exist in a variety of different forms, which makes its use more widely.

Scientists have found that graphene has a conductive electron, the energy of electrons is proportional to its momentum, and when the energy level is designed in the three-dimensional state, they will show a Dirac vertebral shape. Because of this unique relationship, these conductive electrons behave as if they are not of the same quality, so that they can travel very close to the speed of light, this property is very useful for improving the current transistor technology.

Graphene has a single or two bonds, and graphite alkyne can have two or three bonds; and graphite alkyne is not limited to the shape of the hexagonal, which in fact can exist in numerous forms.

In the latest study, scientists used computer simulations to study three different forms of graphite alkynes, the results showed that these three kinds of graphite alkyne can produce a Dirac vertebral, although its shape is slightly different, and most importantly, One of the materials named 6,6,12-graphite alkyne can exist in a quadrangular form, and the graphite alkyne of this structure should allow electrons to flow only in one direction. Scientists have said that there is no need to doping this kind of graphite with other substances can make it have a strong conductivity, and graphene generally need to add dopants to it.

Although scientists now only produce very small size of graphite alkyne, but they are excited about the latest research, and that the application of graphite alkene prospects are very attractive. In addition, the study has demonstrated that many different forms of graphite alkyne produce Dirac's vertebrae, which means that there are many other materials that may also be well done.