Graphite Bearings For Machined Graphite Parts

- Aug 09, 2017-

               With the metal powder (copper powder, iron powder, lead powder, tin powder, etc.) and graphite powder combination, according to the powder metallurgy process method made of bearings.Machined Graphite Parts

               Lubrication mechanism bearing matrix has 20% or so of the porosity, after plastic, under pressure to dip oil, so that lubricating oil fully injected into the bearing pores, and the solid lubricant in the bearing-graphite to form a very high lubrication performance of graphite colloid lubricant. When the mechanical operation, the bearing due to friction heating and expansion, resulting in a reduction in void volume, and lubricants also due to thermal expansion and overflow, played a role in the lubrication of the shaft.

               When the machine stops running, the temperature decreases, and the pores and lubricating oils return to their original state. The oil is then sucked into the pores to form an automatic lubrication phenomenon. In case of insufficient oil quantity, graphite can also play the role of lubrication alone, still can maintain the bearing has a lower friction coefficient and better wear resistance.Machined Graphite Parts

               Characteristics and application of bearings with radial compressive strength is relatively low, usually used in the medium and low load conditions, the manufacturing process is simple, easy to maintain, good thermal conductivity, low price and low-noise operation and many other characteristics. Used in small motors, automobiles, tractors, aviation and washing machines, vacuum cleaners and other electrical and mechanical equipment.Machined Graphite Parts