Foundry Method Of Graphite Scraps

- Oct 25, 2017-

In the casting process of the copper alloy, each pouring once, the mold surface should be coated with a coating. Also to cool the mold temperature. In practical work, the mold is usually soaked in the coating groove (graphite tank) to resolve the above requirements. Graphite function: Graphite is heat-resistant material, separating high-temperature copper water from mould, protecting and prolonging die life; Graphite powder is very fine, can increase the fluidity of copper water, make the product easy to cast. Experience shows that to produce a good surface fine casting products, its coating cohesion strong, hardness is better.Graphite Scraps

Dust-like graphite powders (graphite), which are easy to mix with water, are recommended here. It is recommended to use graphite from Qingdao Graphite Co., Ltd.: Cast soil-like graphite, 235 mesh, carbon content: 80% in order to prevent the temperature rise of graphite water in the continuous work with graphite powder deposited in the bottom of the tank, usually using electric mixer or blowing mixer. Electric mixer can prevent the precipitation of graphite powder, but its cooling efficiency is not high. It is better to use the air blowing method. Graphite Tank Design: The height of the graphite tank is not lower than the casting table, to prevent the sand core dropped into the bottom of the tip, the better the effect of air cooling.Graphite Scraps

When the impurity in the mold is not cleaned, or the sand core resin content is too high, or with dry sand after casting in the mold surface to form oil film, graphite water can not be coated, then the mold inside the cavity is white. The mold splashes the graphite water way: Slightly shakes, prevents the bubble accumulation to produce the bad; the lower mold, gate location temperature is the highest, into the water should be the first into the water, has achieved a relatively balanced mold temperature, the casting machine under the immersion time than the mold length, if the mold surface condition is not ideal, the timely determination of graphite water concentration, To determine if the graphite water concentration is low or the water is less. In experience, the graphite concentration will decrease in 8-10 days.Graphite Scraps