EDM Graphite Electrode Material

- Aug 21, 2017-

                  First, the selection of graphite as electrode materials, in Europe, more than 90% of the electrode material is graphite. Copper, the once dominant electrode material, is almost wiped out compared with graphite electrodes.EDM Graphite Electrodes

                  The reason for graphite electrode: 1, faster processing speed: In general, the mechanical processing speed of graphite can be $number times faster than that of copper, while the EDM speed is $number times faster than that of copper; 2, the material is more difficult to deformation: the thin rib electrode processing advantage is obvious, the softening point of copper is around 1000 degrees, easy to produce deformation due to heat, the sublimation temperature of graphite is 3,650 degrees, and the thermal expansion coefficient is only 1/30 of copper. 3, lighter weight: the density of graphite only 1/5 of copper, large electrode discharge processing, can effectively reduce the burden of machine tool (EDM), more suitable for the application of large-scale molds. 4, discharge consumption is smaller; because the spark oil also contains C atoms, in the discharge processing, high temperature caused the spark oil in the C atom is decomposed, in turn on the graphite electrode surface to form protective film, compensating the loss of graphite electrode.EDM Graphite Electrodes

                 Third, supply and packaging: our company graphite products according to customer special needs according to the drawings processing, packaging for wooden cases.

                 With the increasing competition of graphite electrode market, the requirement of quality of graphite electrode is becoming more and more high, and the price of raw material of graphite electrode is higher, only produce high quality products, it will occupy absolute advantage in the fierce market competition. The production of good products, not only by improving the pressure type, baking, graphitization quality, but also to improve product processing precision start. Due to the quality of graphite electrode processing problems caused by product quality accidents, as well as the resulting economic losses more and more attention by the vast number of users. Because the graphite electrode production process is many, the cycle is long, the energy consumption is high, the production cost is high, a graphite blank in the machine tool processing unqualified, caused the loss is huge. In this paper, the problems of graphite electrodes in the process of machining are discussed, and the defects in the process equipment of machine tools are improved.EDM Graphite Electrodes