Development Of EDM Graphite Electrodes And Their Consumption

- Oct 16, 2017-

The volumetric density of the graphite electrode is the ratio of the quality of the specimen to its volume. Determination method: The graphite electrode specimen is machined into square or cylindrical shape, and the cylindrical specimen size is ф45mmx40mm (size allowable deviation is ±0.1mm), drying 2h under 110℃±5℃, cooling to room temperature, weighing sample quality. Using vernier caliper (accuracy of 0.02mm), according to the axial and radial measurements of the specimen three, the average value of axial and radial dimensions is measured respectively, and the sample volume is calculated according to the formula (1).EDM Graphite Electrodes With petroleum coke, bitumen coke as granular material, coal tar pitch as binder, after the formation, molding, roasting, graphitization and mechanical processing of a high-temperature-resistant graphite conductive material. Graphite electrode is an important high-temperature conductive material for EAF steelmaking, which is input electric energy through graphite electrode to electric furnace, and the high-temperature heat generated by electric arc between the electrodes and charge is used to make steelmaking, and some other electric smelting or electrolysis equipment often uses graphite electrically conductive material.EDM Graphite Electrodes The raw material quality, equipment and manufacturing process of graphite electrode are improved continuously, and the high power and ultra-high power graphite electrodes have been successfully developed in the 60-70 years in 20th century with the increasing of input power of EAF steelmaking. Due to the continuous improvement of graphite electrode quality and the improvement of EAF steelmaking process, the consumption of graphite electrode per ton of EAF steel has been reduced from the 70 's 6~8kg to the 80 's 4~6kg (Ordinary Power electric furnace), The electrode consumption of a large electric furnace with ultra-high power graphite electrodes has been reduced to 2.5kg or so, and ultra high Power DC electric arc furnace (only 1 graphite electrodes) per ton of steel graphite electrode consumption can be reduced to 1. About 5kg.EDM Graphite Electrodes

 In the late 80 the world's industrial developed countries EAF steelmaking industry most of the tonnage has been raised to 80~200t, so a large number of use is the diameter 550~750mm high power or ultra-high power graphite electrodes. 2000 world consumption of graphite electrode around 1 million T, China 2000 consumption of graphite electrode around 250,000 T. The use of good physical and chemical properties of graphite electrodes in other industrial sectors also has a wide range of uses in order to produce carbon products of the most major varieties of graphite electricity has become an important component of the modern raw materials industry.EDM Graphite Electrodes