Carbon Removal Additive For Fuel System

- Aug 21, 2017-

                In the process of car use, the EFI system and the oil circuit will gradually form the deposition of carbon, sludge, colloid and so on. These sediments, such as carbon deposition, are not susceptible to general drivers, but can lead to: cold start-up difficulties, fuel consumption increases, the economic performance of oil is worse; the power drop, the climbing is weak, the acceleration performance decreases, the idle speed is unstable, the Midway Flameout, the vehicle jitter, the engine noise increases, the lubricating oil consumption increases, the lubricating oil life shortens;Carbon Additive

                The solution:The use of Unicorn EFI System cleaning agent, automatic cleaning fuel system.Unicorn EFI System cleaning agent can clean the fuel system of the car, sludge, colloid and other sediments, to prevent the accumulation of carbon, sludge, colloid and other sediment production, automobile due to EFI system and oil in the circuit has formed carbon deposition, while the power drop, fuel consumption rise, cold start-up difficulties and other failure phenomena or performance degradation, the use of the Unicorn EFI System cleaning agent can eliminate the fault, accumulate carbon clearance, restore vehicle design when the best performance.Carbon Additive

                 Unicorn EFI System cleaning Agent can eliminate the fuel supply system caused by the blockage of all kinds of failure, improve the overall performance: 1. Save fuel consumption. 2. To eliminate the failure of climbing, improve power. 3. Eliminate the failure of accelerating the delay, improve the acceleration performance. 4. Eliminate idling instability, midway flameout, vehicle trembling fault, so that the vehicle running smoothly. 5. Improve the starting performance. 6. Reduce noise. 7. Reduce exhaust emissions. 8. Regular use, can avoid unnecessary demolition, save maintenance expenses.Carbon Additive