Anti-oxidation Of High Temperature Action Of Anti-oxidation Graphite Rotor

- Nov 03, 2017-

Many of the structural components of a variety of power machines, such as boilers and steam turbines for heating power plants, gas turbines for aviation and naval vessels, and atomic engineering, are operating at elevated temperatures. The increase of working temperature affects the chemical stability of steel, and the strength of steel is decreased on the other hand. To this end, steel at high temperature should have the resistance to creep, heat relaxation and thermal fatigue performance and antioxidant capacity, in a certain medium corrosion resistance and sufficient toughness.Anti-oxidation Graphite Rotor

Heat-resisting steel is a steel grade which works under high temperature and has a certain strength and corrosion resistance, including hot-stabilized steels and hot-strong steels. Heat-stabilized steel refers to the steel grades, such as furnace floor, grate and so on, which are resistant to oxidation or corrosion at high temperature.Anti-oxidation Graphite Rotor 

The main failure forms of their work are high-temperature oxidation. The load on the unit area is not very large. Jechiang steel refers to the high temperature of a certain antioxidant capacity and has sufficient strength without producing a large number of deformation or fracture of steel, such as high-temperature bolts, turbine blades and so on. They are required to withstand larger loads when working, and the main reason for failure is insufficient strength under high temperature.Anti-oxidation Graphite Rotor

Hot and Stable steel (also known as antioxidant steel is widely used in industrial boilers, such as furnace floor, muffle tank, radiation tube, such as the use of heat-stabilized steel with ferrite F-type heat-stabilized steel and austenitic A-type heat-stabilized steel two categories. Anti-oxidation Graphite Rotor

The F-type heat-stabilized steel is formed by the oxidation-resisting alloying on the basis of F stainless steel, which has a single phase F matrix, and the surface easily obtains continuous protective oxide film. According to the use of temperature, can be divided into Cr13 steel, Cr18 Steel and CR25 steel and so on. F-type hot and stable steel and F stainless steel, as there is no phase change, so the grain is thicker, less toughness, but strong oxidation resistance.Anti-oxidation Graphite Rotor

At room temperature, the mechanical properties of steel are independent of the loading time, but the strength and deformation of steels are not only related to time, but also to temperature, which is the heat-strength of the hot-steel. Jechiang refers to the ability of heat-resisting steel to resist plastic deformation and damage under the action of high temperature and load. It can be seen that thermal strength must be used to evaluate the mechanical properties of materials under high temperature conditions. Jechiang properties include instantaneous performance and long time performance under high temperature conditions.Anti-oxidation Graphite Rotor