Anti-oxidation Graphite Rotor How To Extend The Service Life

- May 10, 2017-

Anti-oxidation Anti-oxidation Graphite Rotor Liquid aluminum alloy purification process is to improve the overall performance of aluminum alloy means. Purification device is the most commonly used in addition to the air box, which uses the rotation of the Anti-oxidation Graphite Rotor blowing nitrogen to the aluminum melt away with hydrogen and other debris to achieve the purpose of purification.

The shortcomings of the use of Anti-oxidation Graphite Rotor short, mainly due to the oxidation of graphite and slag washed to the. For these reasons, the following improvements can be made:

1. The use of high-quality high-performance graphite as the production of the rotor material, the higher the purity of raw materials, the higher the hardness, the better the antioxidant properties.

2. Through the coating, composite and other technologies to improve the comprehensive performance of graphite materials, enhance the antioxidant properties.

3. The use of high temperature anti-oxidation coatings, timely damage to the site for external treatment.

4. The use of sleeve protection method, in the rotor vulnerable parts put on the protective sleeve to the rotor and the air separated.

5 The proposed use of manufacturers to improve the purity of inert gas.

Reasonable use can greatly improve the life of Anti-oxidation Graphite Rotor

The main reason for the damage of Anti-oxidation Graphite Rotor:

1. High temperature oxidation: graphite is mainly composed of carbon, graphite in more than 600 ℃ under the conditions of the occurrence of visible oxidation of carbon dioxide, carbon oxidation reaction products are CO and CO2 gas, the rotor can not play a protective role; Can not be completely closed, and most of the box cavity is not filled with protective gas protection, Anti-oxidation Graphite Rotor oxidation is inevitable. The result of the oxidation of the rotor shaft shaft diameter gradually smaller, until the fracture scrapped.

2. Aluminum liquid scouring: Anti-oxidation Graphite Rotor immersed in the gas box in the aluminum liquid, generally 200r / min ~ 400r / min speed rotation and strong stirring aluminum liquid, aluminum liquid on the rotor will have a strong scouring, friction. Especially in the liquid surface and the rotor rod contact parts gradually thinning, and finally break the scrapped.

3. Transmission system: the degassing device transmission system is not stable, especially with the rotor connection is not heart, during the rotor swing, on the one hand the friction between the rotor and the seal caused damage; the other hand, , Rotor oxidation, erosion intensified, to speed up the loss of the rotor.

Anti-oxidation Graphite Rotor how to extend the service life, from the perspective of the operation for everyone to introduce!

1. Before the use of preheating: Anti-oxidation Graphite Rotor immersed in aluminum before the liquid in the top of the top 100mm around the preheated 5min ~ 10min, to avoid the impact of quenching on the material; rotor immersion liquid must first enter the gas; Before the gas can be stopped to prevent the air nozzle plug hole.

2. Isolated air: in the purification chamber into the nitrogen or argon, to ensure that the box room is positive pressure, isolated from the external air to prevent oxidation of Anti-oxidation Graphite Rotor.

3.The rotor immersion depth: Anti-oxidation Graphite Rotor immersed in a reasonable depth of aluminum melt, so that the expansion of the exposed liquid aluminum surface around 80mm, immersed below the liquid level about 60mm, which can effectively increase the rotor oxidation resistance and erosion

4.The transmission system is smooth: Anti-oxidation Graphite Rotor and transmission system is connected through the rod (pipe) to connect the connecting rod under long-term deformation in the role of high temperature, or transmission equipment related parts of the loose, will affect the rotor of the neutral and running Of the smooth, easy to make the Anti-oxidation Graphite Rotor broken or bump damage. Argon or nitrogen to be pure: if the pipeline, joints and other components caused by leakage of aluminum melt into the aluminum or nitrogen gas is not pure, will make the upper part of the rotor serious oxidation, and even the lower part of the rotor jet is also oxidized , This will greatly shorten the life of the rotor.