A Detailed Introduction To EDM Graphite Electrodes

- Sep 09, 2017-

     With petroleum coke, bitumen coke as granular material, coal tar pitch as binder, after the formation, molding, roasting, graphitization and mechanical processing of a high-temperature-resistant graphite conductive material. Graphite electrode is an important high-temperature conductive material for EAF steelmaking, which is input electric energy through graphite electrode to electric furnace, and the high-temperature heat generated by electric arc between the electrodes and charge is used to make steelmaking, and some other electric smelting or electrolysis equipment often uses graphite electrically conductive material. EDM Graphite Electrodes
     2000 world consumption of graphite electrode around 1 million T, China 2000 consumption of graphite electrode around 250,000 T. The use of good physical and chemical properties of graphite electrodes in other industrial sectors also has a wide range of uses in order to produce carbon products of the most major varieties of graphite electricity has become an important component of the modern raw materials industry.EDM Graphite Electrodes
     DC Arc Furnace Graphite electrode DC arc furnace is a new type of electric furnace steelmaking equipment developed in the early 1980s, the initial DC arc furnace is converted from the original AC arc furnace, some use 3 graphite electrodes, and some use 2 graphite electrodes, However, most of the newly designed DC arc furnaces after the middle of the 80 were only using 1 graphite electrodes, compared with the AC arc furnace with the same power using 3 graphite electrodes, the total surface area of the electrodes under oxidation at high temperature is greatly reduced, and the consumption of graphite electrodes per ton of steel can be reduced by about 50% in the same high power running DC arc furnace. The current of DC arc furnace does not produce skin effect and neighboring effect when it passes through the electrode.EDM Graphite Electrodes
    The current distribution is uniform on the cross section of the electrode, and the stability of the DC arc is good, the mechanical vibration is small in operation and the noise of the electric furnace is low. The diameter of the graphite electrode used in DC arc furnace is also calculated according to the capacity of the furnace and the allowable current density of the electrode. For ultra-high power electric furnaces with the same input power, the electrode diameter of 1 graphite electrodes is larger, such as a 150t AC arc furnace with a diameter of 600mm electrodes. While the same capacity of DC arc furnace to use the diameter 700~750mm electrode, DC arc furnace to graphite electrode quality requirements than the use of AC arc furnace is higher.EDM Graphite Electrodes