High Purity Graphite Crucible for Precious Metal Smelting

1. Graphite crucibles made from high purity, corossion-resistant graphite material.
2. Custom produced graphite crucibles as per drawings.
3. Complete cost-effective solutions for gold, silver, platinum casting.
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Introduction to Graphite Crucibles for Precious Metal Smelting
Precious metal smelting classifies to primary smelting and refining. Primary smelting indicates to get low purity precious metal through smelting minerals, where large size low grade graphite crucibles are applied. Refinery means getting high purity precious metal through smelting low purity metals, where the graphite crucibles are needed with high purity, high bulk density, low open porosity and good strength.

Advantages of Graphite Crucibles for Precious Metal Smelting

● Cost-effective Graphite Material Solutions
Graphite crucibles for primary smelting are usually machined by two impregnated medium grain graphite material, while three impregnated isostatic or molded graphite material applied for refining used graphite crucible.

● Precise Machining
There is no high precision requirements for primary smelting graphite crucibles, while strict requirements for refining graphite crucibles with precise dimensions and polished surface. Zibo Yinxuan graphite crucibles could meet the design requirements for both primary smelting and refining graphite crucibles.


Crucibles for Melting Gold 


Crucibles for Melting Gold


Crucibles for Melting Gold 


Crucibles for Jewelry Melting


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High Purity Graphite Crucibles


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