Graphite Mould for Sintering

1.Extensive experiences in graphite sintering moulds production.
2.Specially made high purity dense graphite materials with high hardness and good strength, ensuring long service life.
3.Precise machining with tolerance +/-0.01mm.
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Introduction to Graphite Moulds for Sintering in Powder Metallurgy
Various kinds of products are produced by powder metallurgy process, such as diamond tools, hard alloys drilling head, hard materials, magnetic materials, FGM etc.
Powder raw material is loaded in graphite moulds to be sintered or hot pressed. So graphite mould is necessary for powder metallurgy industry.
Graphite mould is consuming in production, and performance of graphite moulds directly affects the sintered products quality and production cost.

Advantages of Graphite Moulds for Sintering in Powder Metallurgy

● Cost-effective Graphite Material Solutions
The choice of graphite material for mould should consider both powder metallurgy process requirements, but also reduction of manufacturing cost. Based on deep understanding of each grade graphite material and knowledge in powder metallurgy process data, Zibo Yinxuan is capable of selecting optimal graphite material to machine graphite mould for different procedures and equipments.

● Precise Machining
There are various graphite moulds with different shapes for powder metallurgy application, but the common points are strict requirements to dimensions and no defection. Zibo Yinxuan graphite sintering moulds are all precisely machined and could meet all customers' production requirements.


Graphite Sintering Molds


Graphite mold for diamond tools sintering


hot pressing graphite molds


graphite parts for hard alloys sintering


hot pressing graphite molds


Graphite Disc


Graphite Molds for Sintering


Graphite Mould for Hard Alloys Sintering


Graphite Mould for Hard Alloys Sintering

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