Graphite Boats for Powder Metallurgy

1. Precise machining according to customers'drawings.
2. High purity graphite material avoiding pollution to treated substances.
3. Long service life and competitive price.
4. Large stock graphite material ensures quick delivery time.
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Introduction to Graphite Parts Applied in Powder Metallurgy
Graphite troughs, graphite plates, graphite supports, graphite boats, graphite crucibles, graphite pushing plates are widely used in powder metallurgy furnaces, to load powder shaped raw material and bear semi-product before sintering.

Advantages of Graphite Parts Applied in Powder Metallurgy

● Cost-effective Graphite Material Solutions
Considering multi factors such as users utilization habit and cost efficiency, various grades of graphite material could be used for machining graphite parts applied for powder metallurgy, like graphite troughs, graphite plates, graphite pallets, graphite boats. Zibo Yinxuan is capable of selecting most suitable grade of graphite material according to specific application conditions to both meet production requirements and reduce manufacturing cost.

● Precise Machining
Size and shapes of graphite parts for powder metallurgy are all custom machined with high precision.


Graphite Boats


Graphite Boxes


Graphite Pushing Plates


Graphite Trays


Graphite Box


Graphite Trays


Graphite Vessel


Graphite Container


Graphite Grooves

If you're going to buy the quality and durable graphite boats for powder metallurgy made in China, welcome to consult the quotation and the price list with us. We are one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our factory will offer you the customized carbon products with high purity at low price.


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