Custom Graphite Sintering Mold

Various kinds of products are produced by powder metallurgy process, such as diamond tools, hard alloys drilling head, hard materials, magnetic materials, FGM etc. In most cases, powder raw material is loaded in graphite molds to be sintered or hot-pressed. Graphite mold is one of the necessary tools for powder metallurgy industry. Graphite mold is consumed in production, and performance of graphite molds directly affects the sintered or hot pressing molded products quality and production cost.
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Product Details

A--Customized Shaped and Sizes

 1.Sizes and shapes are customize produced according to customers' drawings and requirements.

2.ODM, OEM available. Tell us your rough idea or requirement, we will make it come true.

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B-Technical data details 


C-Advantages of Zibo Yinxuan Graphite Sintering Molds

 ●Graphite Material. The choice of graphite material for mould should consider both powder metallurgy process requirements, and reduction of manufacturing cost. Based on deep understanding of each kind graphite material and knowledge in powder metallurgy process data, Zibo Yinxuan is capable of selecting optimal graphite material to machine graphite mould for different sintering and hot-pressing procedures and equipments.

●Products Machining. There are various graphite moulds with different shapes for powder metallurgy application, but the common points are strict requirements of dimensions and being free from defection. Zibo Yinxuan graphite sintering and hot-pressing moulds are all precisely machined and could meet all customers’ production requirements.

D-Company Introduction 

We are Zibo Yinxuan Carbon Technology Co,. Ltd, a professional manufacturer and exporter of artificial graphite products, such as graphite rotor and shaft, graphite crucible, graphite tube or rods, graphite plate or round, graphite molds and so on, which has a widely used in modern industry.

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Material Clearinghouse Extruded, Molded, Iso-molded Grades; Blocks, Rods, Cylinders. All Grades and Sizes in Stock. 

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