Graphite Products for Poly Crystalline Silicon Production

1. Professional manufacturer of graphite components for polycrystalline silicon production.
2. Good strength, high purity, low porosity graphite material made graphite components.
3. Precise Machining ensures perfect match between different parts,without arc strike.
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Introduction to Graphite Products for Polycrystalline Silicon
Two methods of producing polycrystalline are CVD and Fluidized Bed, with CVD as the mostly applied one. Both methods are highly dependent on graphite material, and quality of graphite material decides polycrystalline level.
Graphite products applied in polycrystalline production are graphite sabot, graphite cap, graphite bottom, graphite hot zone, graphite shield, graphite fixer, graphite reactor, graphite vessel etc.

Advantages of Graphite Products for Polycrystalline Silicon

● Graphite Material
Polycrystalline production needs graphite material with high purity, low porosity, good strength and stability under high temperature. Zibo Yinxuan mainly applies fine grain high bulk density graphite material to machine graphite products applied in poly-crystalline silicon production.

● Precise Dimensions
To ensure perfect match among different graphite parts inside of the furnace, Zibo Yinxuan pays most attention and applies precision equipments to get accurate machining.


High Purity Graphite Box


Graphite Nozzles


graphite fixer


Graphite Sabot and Graphite Cap


Graphite Pins


Graphite Plates


Graphite Board


Graphite Heating Electrodes


Graphite Heaters

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