Graphite Products for Mono Crystalline Silicon Production

1. High purity graphite components for monocrystalline silicon production
2. High temperature resistance.
3. Good heat and electricity conduction.
Optimal thermal stability.
4. Precise production as per drawings.
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Introduction to Graphite Products for Monocrystalline Silicon
Czochralski and float zone refining are two methods for Monocrystalline silicon production, while CZ is the commonly used method. High grade graphite material is widely used in CZ mono-crystalline growth, esp. for graphite heating module.
Graphite heating zone consists of top graphite insulation cover, bottom graphite insulation cover, main graphite tube, internal and external graphite guide cylinder, three petal graphite crucibles, graphite crucible support, graphite core rods, graphite core protection sleeves, graphite electrodes, graphite electrodes sleeves, graphite heater, graphite protection discs, graphite bottom plates, graphite threads and nuts etc. Besides, there are also top, main and bottom insulation graphite felt.

Advantages of Graphite Products for Monocrystalline Silicon

● Cost-effective Proposal for Graphite Material Selection
Zibo Yinxuan graphite heating module is machined from isostatic graphite material. When users have special requirements to reduce cost, alternative grade graphite material could be selected for those graphite parts in not crucial positions which are far from mono-crystalline substances.

● Precise Machining
Graphite heating module is a complicated heating system. Zibo Yinxuan produced graphite parts could perfectly fit with each other, with smooth assembly and without any structural defection.


Graphite Heating Assembly


Three Petal Graphite Crucibles


Graphite Insulation Sleeves


Graphite Support


Graphite Guide Cylinder


graphite Crucibles


Graphite Support Rod


Graphite Heaters

If you're going to buy the quality and durable graphite products for mono crystalline silicon production made in China, welcome to consult the quotation and the price list with us. We are one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our factory will offer you the customized carbon products with high purity at low price.


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