Impermeable Graphite Products

1.Resin or metal impregnated graphite are impermeable.
2. Widely applied in chemical industries, pumps and machinery.
3. Custom produced impermeable graphite products as per drawings.
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Introduction to Impermeable Graphite Products
Artificial graphite material becomes impermeable graphite after resin impregnation and heating curing. Impermeable graphite is widely used in petrochemical, halogen chemical industries due to properties of anti-acid, anti-alkali corrosion, high temperature resistance, good sealing, high strength and easy-to-machine.
Impermeable graphite are key parts of graphite heat exchangers, graphite falling film absorber, phosphate evaporator, Hydrogen chloride and hydrochloric acid synthesis furnace, chemical reaction tank loading high corrosive substances.

Advantages of Impermeable Graphite Products

● Graphite Material
Substrates of impermeable graphite includes different grades of graphite material, and the impregnated resin are various, such as phenolic resin, furane resin, Divinyl benzene resin etc. Zibo Yinxuan selects the raw material according to process parameters like working temperature, substances corrosivity etc.

● Machining
The machined positions of impermeable graphite are numerous, with complicated shapes, precise dimensions and high machining difficulties. Zibo Yinxuan mature machining process can ensure finished products fully conform to drawings.


Graphite Heat Exchanger


Graphite Heat Exchanger


Graphite Heat Exchanger


Graphite Linings for Chemical Reactor


Graphite Bipolar Plates


Graphite Bipolar Plates


Resin Impregnated Graphite Vanes


Phosphate Evaporator Graphite Products

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