Graphite Sealing Parts

1. Types of sealing parts include graphite, carbon graphite, carbon, resin impregnated and metal impregnated materials.
2. Custom made sizes and shapes as per drawings.
3. Competitive price and short delivery time.
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Introduction to Graphite Sealing Parts
Based on different application environment and functions, graphite seals are classified into graphite type, carbon type, carbon graphite type, resin impregnated type and metal impregnated type with above three different material types as substrates. The usually impregnated resins are phenolic resin, furane resin, PTFE etc, while metals are antimony, copper, aluminum alloy, copper alloys etc.
The above materials are often used in dynamic sealing with various shapes. The most typical one is sliding seal in air compressor. Expandable graphite is mostly used in static sealing. Expandable graphite is pressed to be flakes and made into gasket. The most typical application is the seals in chemical tanks, tower and piping.
In addition, graphite packing, graphite packing reinforced with metal wires are also oft-used sealing parts.

Advantages of Graphite Sealing Parts

● Graphite Material
Graphite sealing parts including dynamic sealing and static sealing parts. Dynamic seals have high requirements for strength, hardness, porosity, lubricity and thermotolerance, while static seals stresses more on expansibility and thermotolerance. Zibo Yinxuan has vast knowledge and experiences on properties and performances of different grades graphite material, and is capable of producing high quality graphite material and the most suitable graphite seals.

● Machining
Dynamic sealing parts are mechanically machined from suitable grade of graphite material, while static seals are graphite sealing rings and graphite gaskets simply machined from expandable graphite which is produced from natural graphite.
Zibo Yinxuan is capable of providing both types of graphite seals with superior quality and competitive price.


Carbon Graphite Sealing Ring


graphite sealing block


Resin impregnated graphite Ring


High Purity Graphite Sealing Rings


Carbon Graphite Vanes


Graphite Sealing Blocks


Metallic Spiral Wound Gasket


Graphite Stuffing


Graphite Stuffing

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