High Temperature Furnace Structural Graphite Parts

1. Applied in various high temperature furnaces.
2. Max resisting temperature up to 3200 C degree.
3. Good heat stability.
4. Cost-effective solutions as per specific applying situations.
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Introduction to Graphite Structural Parts for Industrial Furnaces
high temperature vacuum furnace and inert gas protected furnaces are composed of numerous irregular structural parts. Since metal and ceramic material is hard to withstand furnace high internal temperature, graphite material becomes the optimal material due to its properties of high purity, being easy to machine into complicated shapes, increasing strength with temperature rising from room temperature to 2500℃.

Advantages of Graphite Structural Parts for Industrial Furnaces

● Cost-effective Graphite Material Solutions
Usually high bulk density and good strength isostatic graphite material is applied. In order to reduce users' purchasing cost, Zibo Yinxuan is capable of proposing solutions with other graphite material after rigorous calculation based on comprehensive communication with user about graphite parts application.

● Precise Machining
Different graphite structural parts need to be matched and assembled inside of the furnace, so high machining precision is necessary. All Zibo Yinxuan graphite structural parts are inspected by assembling all parts before delivery, to ensure successful assembly on users' cites by once. Both the single part and assembled graphite system can fully meet users' design requirements.


Furnace Graphite Parts


Graphite Box


Graphite disc


Graphite Mould


Graphite Sealing Blocks


Graphite Fastners


Graphite Busbars


Furnace Graphite Parts


Graphite heating Components

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