Graphite Thermal Insulation Parts

1. Custom produced graphite insulation parts as per drawings.
2. Cost-effective solutions based on specific applying situation.
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Introduction to Graphite Thermal Insulation Parts
In order to make the best use of energy released by graphite heating parts, to save energy and protect furnace body, thermal insulation components are needed in high temperature furnaces. Graphite material is one of the most important insulation material. As thermal insulation parts, graphite is generally machined into graphite insulation tube, graphite thermal shield, graphite thermal insulation board, graphite lining etc.

Advantages of Graphite Thermal Insulation Parts

● Cost-effective Graphite Material Solutions
Based on different furnace conditions such as furnace size, temperature and purity, most suitable grade of graphite material will be selected to machine thermal insulation parts from isostatic, molded, extruded graphite materials.

● Precise Machining
Generally graphite thermal parts shapes are simple but need perfect match with other structural parts of furnace, so there is strict requirements on graphite machining accuracy. Zibo Yinxuan Carbon high machining capability can ensure that the graphite thermal insulation parts dimensions are within strict tolerances requirements.


furnace insulation graphite tube


Graphite shield


Large Graphite Crucible Assembly


graphite insulation board


Graphite Disc


graphite lining


graphite insulation board


furnace insulation graphite tube


graphite insulation board

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