Graphite Heating Components

1. Graphite heating components applied in industrial furnaces.
2. Customize production of various graphite heating parts according to drawings.
3. Cost-effective solutions based on extensive experiences.
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Introduction to Graphite Heating Components
Graphite heating components are widely applied in high temperature furnaces like resistance furnace, Induction furnace, hot pressing sintering furnace, soldering furnace, annealing furnace, quenching furnace etc. Graphite heating parts are the key components and main cost part of utilizing these furnaces.
In natural air conditions, graphite material oxidizes under high temperature, so graphite heating components are mainly applied in vacuum furnaces or furnaces with inert gas protection.
Theoretically, graphite heating parts could be used for long time without consumption under vacuum condition or with inert gases protection. But actually graphite parts are still consumed slowly due to degree of vacuum, inert gas purity and operation. Based on that, it is critically important to reduce high temperature furnace utilization cost by extending graphite heaters service life.

Advantages of Graphite Heating Components

● Cost-effective Graphite Material Solutions
Graphite material in isostatic, molded, vibrated and impregnated modes can be used for machining graphite heating elements. Zibo Yinxuan selects suitable graphite grade via particular calculation based on comprehensive factors of furnace current, voltage, working temperature, furnace internal atmosphere and graphite specific resistivity, strength, anti-oxidation performance and material cost.

● Precise Machining and Assembly
Graphite heating elements for induction furnaces are usually round or square tube and ring. While those for resistance furnaces are with more complicated shapes, such as rod, tube, plate, grid rod, grid tube etc. Zibo Yinxuan graphite heating elements are with high precision and perfect match between different parts, without electric arc during application.

● Safety Package
Some graphite heating elements are with complicated shapes and very thin grids , which requires special attention to package. Zibo Yinxuan designs special package for such fragile graphite parts to ensure safe delivery without any damage.


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Graphite heating elements


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