Graphite Crucibles for High Temperature Furnaces

1. Graphite crucibles resists temperature 3200 C degree max.
2. High Purity Graphite crucible with good heat conductivity
3. Isostatic graphite silicon carbide crucibles and graphite clay crucibles also available.
4. Long service life and competitive price.
5. Capable of machining large graphite crucibles diameter 1200mm, height 3200mm.
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Product Details

Introduction to Graphite Crucibles
Graphite crucibles are widely used as containers directly contacting with treated substances during smelting, purification of metals esp. non-ferrous metals, rare earths, precious metals and non metal materials like industrial silicon.
Due to good electric and magnetic conductivity of graphite material, in induction furnaces graphite material is used not only as containers of loading treated substances, but also functioned as heaters transforming electric to energy. It is the key part to realize induction heating.
Considering service life, graphite clay crucibles or graphite silicon carbide crucibles are often used when heated substances are with low purity requirements. While high purity graphite crucibles are needed during purification process or there is high purity requirements for heated substances.

Advantages of Graphite Crucibles

● Cost-Effective Graphite Material Solutions
Based on smelting process and purity requirements, Zibo Yinxuan proposes the right type among high purity graphite crucibles, graphite clay crucibles and graphite silicon carbide crucibles

● Precise Dimensions
High purity graphite crucibles are machined from graphite blocks. While graphite clay crucibles and graphite silicon carbide crucibles are produced by processes raw material mixing-pressing-sintering, without mechanical machining. Zibo Yinxuan ensures dimensions accuracy required by customers for all three kinds of crucibles.


Induction Graphite Crucibles


high purity graphite crucible


high purity graphite crucible


Graphite clay crucible


graphite SiC crucible


graphite silicon carbide crucible


Isostatic Graphite SiC Crucibles


Isostatic Graphite SiC Crucibles


Isostatic Graphite SiC Crucibles

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