High Density Graphite Exothermic Welding Mold

A.High density more than 1.72g/cc, B.High precision in machining, the max tolerance can be controlled to +/-0.01mm. C.High temperature resistance to 2800 degrees D.Strict quality inspection during and after production.
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Product Details

Exothermic Welding Graphite Molds Size and Shapes:

Custom production according to drawings by CNC machining center with precise dimensions.

Material:High Bulk density graphite exothermic welding molds that could be repeated use, with long lifespan and good cost efficiency.

Lightning, grounding&bonding systems

Material Technical Specifications:

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If you're going to buy the quality and durable high density graphite exothermic welding mold made in China, welcome to consult the quotation and the price list with us. We are one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our factory will offer you the customized carbon products with high purity at low price.


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