EDM Graphite Electrodes

1. Super fine grain size graphite material.
2. High discharging speed, no shapes deformation.
3. We are capable to precisely machine complicated shapes EDM molds.
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Introduction to Graphite EDM Electrodes
EDM is a process that high temperature is produced by direct electric discharge between work piece and electrode, and duplicate work piece under high temperature as per electrode shapes and accuracy. The work piece of EDM are usually with complicated shapes or high hardness which makes it difficult to mechanically machine.
EDM becomes necessary process in metal molds making industries currently.

Advantages of Graphite EDM Electrodes

● Cost-effective Graphite Material Solutions
EDM application graphite electrodes are with strict requirements to graphite material, especially the fine grain size, isostatic and stable properties. Zibo Yinxuan applies special grade of high quality isostatic graphite material to machine EDM graphite electrodes.

● Precise Machining
EDM electrodes are complicated shapes and difficult to be machined. Deep holes and thin pin positions are easily to be defective. Zibo Yinxuan utilizes CNC turning center, engraving machine, linear cutting and exclusive non-standard equipments to ensure high precision in dimensions, shapes and tolerances.


EDM Tapping Electrodes


Graphite Moulds for EDM


EDM Graphite Electrodes for Metal Mould 


Graphite EDM Mould


EDM Graphite Electrodes for Motor Mould


EDM Graphite Moulds for Toys


EDM graphite Electrodes for Plastic Mould


EDM Graphite Electrodes for Mobile Mould


Graphite Moulds for EDM

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